Swing Gesture Alignment Band

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  • Suitable for all golf users
  • Stabilizes gestures and arms progressively
  • Made with breathable and stretchable materials
  • One-size-fits-all


Chicken Wing, Hooks, Slices, Chunks, and Mishits, are some of the most common problems that amateur golfers want to fix. Everyone knows that those problems are the main causes for you to lose distance, accuracy, and above all your temper and confidence as you hit shots all over the place.

The Swing Gesture Alignment Band will allow you to train yourself how to swing correctly making you hit the ball farther and straighter consistently with less effort and pain-free as it focuses on teaching you how to move your body. You don’t need to really think about what your arms are doing because you will immediately know when you do something wrong.


1. Fit one of your arms into our Swing Gesture Alignment Band and the other subsequently.

2. Correct your swings progressively and enjoy hitting longer and more consistent shots!