Waist Rotation Training Aid

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  • Easy to use and adjustable 
  • Corrects your posture every time 
  • Provides back support
  • Lightweight and comfortable 


Correct posture, as well as proper golf swing hip rotation on the backswing and downswing, are essential to hitting solid golf shots consistently. The Waist Rotation Training Aid is a simple training aid that attaches to your waistband or belt, ensuring that your hips are in the proper position (with the proper sequencing of events) throughout the golf swing. 

It also provides instant feedback. If you lose your posture, slide your hips too much (instead of rotating), or cast the club from the top without clearing your hips first and getting the box into the slot, the Waist Rotation Training Aid will let you know!


Playing golf for a long period can definitely put a strain on your back thus the Waist Rotation Training Aid was designed with ergonomic back support that relieves tension away from your back, ensuring that you can continue your games without any distractions!